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My First Six Months of Book Blogging

Hi Darlings!

It's been six months that I've started this book blog and it's been absolutely fabulous! I have been enjoying Goodreads, discovered so many new books and so many fun people!
I started getting review requests from Indie authors and I totally enjoyed it - the journey of dicovering new authors, seeing their blurbs, finding that their work is something I would love, and then reading, reviewing, supporting - wow!

I have been reading and writing for a long time and recently started book blogging. I know six months doesn't seem like a long time, and it surely isn't in the world of blogging. As is true for any kind of blog topic you choose, even book blogging takes a long time to make a mark and create a reputation for yourself.

Though I have e-known quite a few book bloggers and book lovers through Goodreads and Instagram I have not met many Indian book lovers or book bloggers, which is a shame, in my opinion.

I am an Indian book blogger and while I read all…

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